The Enchanting Power of Great Storytelling Susan Conley’s magical introduction to stories in childhood told to us here as her own experience. Her magical journey and her inspiring story illuminates some of the structures and dynamics in great storytelling. Another must watch piece here on  
Unwritten Rules of The Hero’s Journey – Chris Vogler Wow! What a great storyteller, getting straight into the presentation with his own story. You’ll be mezmerized and engaged in the flow of his narrative before you even know it. What a shining example of great storytelling and how easy and effortless he makes it seem. Known for his insight into Josepeh Campbell’s work, Vogler has all the answers when it come to story. The information in this presentation is a like a secret weapon. Its as if you can feel yourself learning, simply by watching. Enjoy!
Great Storytelling By The Speakers Academy Great storytelling webinar by the Speakers Academy. Chock full of tips and juicy bits for telling great story. Presented brilliantly in question and answer format.
The Great Storytellers Know – Matt Chan An accomplished and experienced storyteller sharing insider tips on doing great story, well. This clip is a budding stroyteller’s dream! Matt Chan’s experience shines through as he simplifies some of the keys concepts that are often missed. A great watch here and one to take notes on as well.  A powerful and influential person in the world of television he is the creator of the series ‘Horders’. He is a great teacher gets his points across very elegantly and with great ease. You might find yourself watching this clip several times. Enjoy.
Get your story mojo on with these cold hard storytelling secrets. In the first 2 minutes you’ll find the key that literally opens the door to serious influence in your stories and to dig below the surface of what moves people in story. So get your pen and paper out now, before you press play here. This may be the most important storytelling inforamtion you’ll ever find.
Dave translates the Myth Model of Greatstorytelling to the business model with great clarity. Here in part 2 he weaves the classic story myths with myths of modern society. He illuminates the differences between down the myth, the reality and the lie and lays bare their use and misuse in society, business, branding and marketing. A real insightful presentation packed with actionable and usable information and presented in Dave’s own very real and memorable style.
Jennifer Aaker Another top knotch video here on great storytelling. Facts, figures, research and data on the power great storytellers have in the hands. Superb information. Stories are meaningful, more impactful and more memorable than pure data. Here Jennifer weaves story with data to conclude that the most important part is feeling connected  – not just to the story, but to the storyteller. She says ultimately, “those who tell the best stories become the best leaders.” A great short video
Great Storytelling for Sales – Adrian Davis A super presentation about the applications of story to the sales process. Indepth, detailed and littered with fantastic storytelling tips and techniques to make your story more profitable – fast. I’ve tried them, they work. You’ll need a notebook and a keen ear for this. You might even have to watch it in segments. Detailed slides, great images and explanations. Adrian Davis shares some of his greatest insights into how great story makes for great sales. I can’t reccomend this highly enough.
Stories from the Stuck State to Magical Transformation A masterful example of transformation with great storytelling. Joseph Riggio delves into today’s educational system today, exposing its failings in organisations, belief systems and in society. A self professed ‘change-agent’ who loves to talk, to present and belongs on stage in front of people. His ability to weave stories into his presentations, is effortless and remarkable. The famous ‘mytho-self’ system, his process of self-transformation through story has helped people all over the world take the great leap from the impossible to the the magical happening around them. Another must watch video here on Full of metaphor, analogy, quotation, symbolism and well worth watching in its magnificient entirety.
Bob Dotson’s Great Storytelling Method A real gem for storytellers. The unmistakable voice of Bob Dotson gives anew twist to the ‘who, what, where, how, when’. His methodology of  ‘hey, you, see, so,’ are his unmistakable 4 keys to great stories, memorable stories.  For persuasive storytelling, what a wonderful way to encapsulate and deliver content. A short video taken from the RTNDA conference.
Joseph Campbell – Myth As The Mirror for The Ego Insightful, scary, beautiful and enlightening in equal measure! Joseph Campbell’s insightful interview that embraces some scary concepts slowly evolves into some positively beautiful and enlightening moments. One of Joseph Campbells’ short presentations full of wisdom and aliveness.
Authenticity with Great Storytelling Interviewed by Harvard business school Peter Guber again lays in out in black and white  about how to be a game changer in telling stories in business. He outlines the fundamentals, especially preparation, to smash it when telling stories to succeed. His authenticity shines through in this brilliant interview. Great questions from an excellent interviewer.
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