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About Great Storytelling

Its all about you and improving your abilities in everything about great storytelling. Whether for your enjoyment, fun, profit or entertainment or education. Filled to the gunnels with great story and the most enthralling tips. You’ll get the best from great storytellers, screenwriter or poets and professionals – you’ll find everything you need to tell the best stories.

Telling Great Story

The best stories to tell connect with your audience and create engagement that goes deeper than layers of facts. The person telling the best story wins! Creating mystery and wonder in your stories to capture and lead your audience on your journey.

Each video is a lesson in itself for you to become a great storyteller. So grab a notebook or open a note document and gather up information here by the bucketfull. Its pure gold!

Telling The Greatest Story Of All

Telling The Great Storyyour story – takes some skill and some practice. However, weaved with emotion, drama and your own brand of expertise, it’s a beautiful thing.

Whether your starting point is here or there, when learning to tell your own great story – rules don’t apply. Thats because everyone has their own unique starting point in this. Maybe its the large chunk of the getting the big message across first like maybe its the lesson learned.

However, along the road there are signposts to assist the direction we take. And there are many. We have our central character, we additional characters – each with their own traits. And many of the understandings of these are visceral. I mean they relate to how we unconsciously interpret their role in story. Among these traditional roles include:

  • the shapeshifter
  • the herald
  • the mentor
  • the threshold guardian
  • the shadow
  • the trickster

In our great story we also find conflict, the great learning and the ultimate transformation. The process of weaving these elements is the secret about great storytelling.

Or maybe you want to begin with sticking to a structure in your story. Some people start smaller with a detail like getting the location, the characters or the activity right. And others build from something they saw or heard someone else doing.

You may want to start browsing the great storytelling videos and taking notes. This way you can identify what you’d like to have in your story, your way.

Enjoy Great Storytelling.


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