Great Storytelling – Drew Keller(The Storytelling Genius Of DREW KELLER)

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Great Storytelling with Drew Keller

Drew Keller says that defining your objectives in your storytelling is important. Some great advice here from identifying your objective and shaping your story to checking to see if this content already exists somewhere. However, it’s in the telling that his expertise shines. Delivering one of the most ‘on-point’ concise and no nonsense presentation on story you’ll ever find.

The Drew Keller Formula

Drew Keller flies through key points needed to develop and tell great story. What a brilliant way of building a framework for story that makes memorable any topic. Here are his key points:

  • Define Objective.
  • Does this content exist elsewhere?
  • Audience
  • Viewing Environment

Defining Objective

Specifics. Measureable goals. A call to action.  They are all possibilities that not only give you direction in your story but determine the outcome of your efforts.  The more accurate the better. The clearer and more concise the better. Make your Objective crystal clear in one sentence. Write it down – short, straightforward and on message.

Pre-existing Content

Placement and perspective. Where exactly does your content fit? Does it go up against, sit alongside or even compliment the information that your viewer may have already found elsewhere on the topic. How is your perspective unique in this regard.  Opportunities exist everywhere for your information – find exactly where it fits.



Viewing Environment

Consider distractions in your viewer’s immediate viewing environment. What can you do that ensures you will have your viewer’s attention till the very end? Will you deliver an animation story, a 3rd person story,  a video in email or one of the countless methods of presentatin that will capture your bviewer’s attention.

Drew Keller Deliverability

Developing a great story without considering the viewing environment/modality is a recipe for failure. Avoiding distractions and competition for your viewer’s attention must be a prime consideration here. Will it be downloadable …will there be advertising distractions on the screen …. are background colours relevent … wil it be viewed on a tablet at work, in a coffee shop, or at home? Will the be an audio version? All vital considerations in how you deliver your content.

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Great Storytelling With Drew Keller

Defining your objectives in storytelling - simple and straightforward. Some great advice from identifying your objective and shaping your story to checking to see if this content already exists somewhere. Drew Keller goes through the key points needed to develop and tell a great story.


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