The Enchantment of Great Storying

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The Enchanting Power of Great Storying

Here we encounter Susan Conley‘s magical voice and her spellbinding introduction to great storying. Telling stories from her own childhood and her own experience here she enchants and inspires the listener. This is tuly an art form – illuminated and its great story structure laid bare for all to grasp.

This is her own story and she is highly engagiug. Great storying shows how easy it is to use and adapt your own experiences in a smooth and effortless way.  You can tell she lived those tales, telling them with a great honesty in her voice. It’s incredible how often I hear stories that just don’t have that crucial component. And if the teler doesn’t beleive them – well, the audience is just one step behind.

Great Storying Made Easy

What do you have to do to tell your stories with this kind of honesty?

What difference would it make to have this in your own telling of tales?


The Enchanting Power of Story

Susan Conley's magical childhood introduction to stories told to us as her own story. Her magical journey and inspiring story that illuminates some of the structures and dynamics in great great storytelling.


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