Great Storytelling For Sales

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Great Storytelling for Sales – Adrian Davis

Great Storytelling for sales is a super presentation about the unlimited applications of story to the sales process. Indepth, detailed and littered with fantastic storytelling tips and techniques to make your story more profitable – fast. I’ve tried them, they work. You’ll need a notebook and a keen ear for this. You might even have to watch it in segments. Detailed slides, great images and explanations.

Storytelling for Sales Made Easy

Adrian Davis shares some of his greatest insights into storytelling for sales. I can’t reccomend this highly enough.

Storytelling for Sales

A super presentation about the applications of story to the sales process. Indepth and detailed with some some great storytelling tips and techniques. Full of detailed slides, images to get his points across, Adrian Davis shares his insights into what a great story does for sales. His take on transitions in story is excellent.


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