Storytelling The Hero Archetype

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Storytelling The Hero with Joseph Campbell

Storytelling the hero archetype is for storytellers everywhere. “What we’re really seeking is an experience of being alive,” says Jospeh Campbell. Stunning imagery in this short video anchored in Joseph Campbell’s gentle words of wisdom at the beginning. A storytellers dream with powerful screenshots backed with some haunting music. A great storytelling journey with imagery and voice together speaks volumes, grasping the listner and cajoling them into the storytellers world.

Archetype of the Hero

In response to the theme of ‘quests’, research had led me to Joseph Campbell’s book, Power of Myth. In this book Campbell outlined a common thread that ties together many of the worlds myths, religions, and fables. That thread was described as a sequence of actions which are: departure, fulfillment, and return.

The specific focus of the montage was about universality of myth and the ultimate breakdown of the stagecraft of surrogate achievements. Utilizing a light narrative, told through physical models, youtube clips, and first and third person POV’s, this is a response to Campbell's idea of quests.


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