Great Story-Telling with John Carlton

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Great Story-Telling with John Carlton

Hard hitting, concise and no-nonsense approach to great story-telling. John Carlton is known as the most ripped off copywriter on the planet. Filled with smashing metaphors, brilliant tips and techniques for great storytellers – regardless of their level of experience.

Story-telling the Old Fashioned Way

Carlton says watching old movies like Casablanca and King Kong is important. They help you discover the great plot points. This is as important as being an avid read to smarten up your storytelling he says.

Meanwhile ‘chained to the typewriter’ and ‘pumping out TV shows’ are metaphors that hark back to the old days. That was back when television executives demanded great product and fast! John Carlton’s inimitable style is famous. Its real story theatre.

Story-telling Experience

Here he’s cutting through the fluff and getting straight to the point. Laced with great visual imagery too, its a captivating watch. Uncompromising and irreverent John Carlton’s marketing rebel copywriting club is famous. His simple writing system knocks spots of the competition.

You’ll find his character matches his skill – a real rarity today. Experience and time in the trenches has provided his background for what works and what doesn’t. Try to get as much of this guy as you can get hold if. Its priceless material.

Great story telliong with John Carlton


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