Persuasive Storytelling By Dave Lakhani

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Great Storytelling vs Lecturing

Rare Dave Lakhani storytelling. Excellent footage of a master of storyteller in action. Some truly remarkable insights and discoveries arise from noticing the difference between lecturing and ‘storytelling insights’. Dave at his best here using his roadmap for crafting great story and pointing out where he already used it in his previous videos.

Lakhani at his best

Really shakes the audience up here as they realise he has been demonstrating the process from video 1 – with his own great story. Persuasive storytelling at its very best here. He uses layers of proof, metaphors, stories within stories drawn from his life experience used to teach and to get his point across.

Persuasive Storytelling - Dave Lakhani - 8

Lakhani teaching a group of students how to use persuasive storytelling to enhance their persuasion and influence abilities. He also covers the Myth Model in detail. It is rare to find this footage outside of a paid classroom environment.


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