Dave Lakhani’s Grat Stories and Persuasive Storytelling 1

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Great Stories and Persuasion 1

A bold approach to Great Storyies. The first of 9 videos with Dave and Dr. Knowles. Rare footage with insights into the art of great storytelling. Dave teaches the power of persuasive storytelling is fundamental to great presentations regardless of their goal or outcome. He uses them constantly in his presentations and here alludes to The Myth Model and its origins. Recommended that all videos are viewed for some incredible insights into the art of great story.

Great Stories’ Direction

Really great stuff here as Dave Lakhani teaches his unique insights that translate ‘story-to-business’ in very practical ways. Following these signposts, these reliable directions enable us to think things through in quite specific waysfor telling great stories. In this way his presentations are of extremely high value to the novice and experienced practitioner of storytelling for business.

Great Stories Method

Dave has an endless supply of great stories and tall tales to tell. His business elixir and formula seem effortlessly intertwined with the hero’s adventure. Setting out the path and following the call to adventure while actively helping the customer find their own call to adventure are key here. He shows how your call to adventure and your own story make it easy for customer to want to be part of what you are doing.

Genius really!


Great Persuasive Storytelling # 1

Dave Lakhani teaches a group of students how to use persuasive storytelling to enhance their persuasion and influence abilities. He also covers the Myth Model in detail. It is rare to find this footage outside of a paid classroom environment.


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