Persuasive Storytelling 5 with Dave Lakhani

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Persuasive Storytelling

Rare footage of Dave Lakhani teaching persuasive storytelling. His storytelling to enhance persuasion and influence is the cornerstone of the Myth Model. Here we have some more excellent footage of a real master storyteller in action. One could analyse and access this using 15 different criteria and still find  reason to rave about it. A smooth, elegant and very influential way of delivering his message.

Persuasive Storytelling and The Myth Model Made Easy

Get ready to take notes here as this video is chocked full of great tips for persuaders regardless of your background. Seeing someone use stories to teach storytelling in truly magic in action here.

In his unique Business Elixir he discusses allies, He discusses the essesnce of persuasion – ‘leading someone to their own most logical conclusion’. He gets his clients and customers actively involved and sets them on their own Call To Adventure. And he explains the use of techniques in the proper context.

Persuasive Storytelling # 5

Dave Lakhani teaches a group of students how to use persuasive storytelling to enhance their persuasion and influence abilities. He also covers the Myth Model in detail. It is rare to find this footage outside of a paid classroom environment.


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