Persuade with Story Theatre

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How To Persuade With The Story Theatre Method

The Power to Persuade with Story Theatre with Doug Stevenson deals with the use of stories to create an effect, no matter if it’s a true or fictive story, simple or extravagant. It’s more memorable than regular advertising. Its also more successful in attracting customers — since the customers themselves will be advertising and spreading the word.

Story Theatre

Here in his Story Theatre Method for strategic storytelling Doug is a magician. He does a wonderful magic trick, then takes you behind the curtain and shows you all his secrets. What a wonderful presentation this is. Great tempo, great connections between different frames and a real alivenss on stage. Masterful in full flow.


[…] executives demanded great product and fast! John Carlton's inimitable style is famous. Its story theatre. Here he's cutting through the fluff and getting straight to the point. Generously laced with great […]

[…] skills' it has transformational power. For beginner, intermediate and experienced storytellers this story method is foundational. Head over to 1.18 of this video and watch how effortlessly powerful this skill is […]

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