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Visual Storytelling and Great Ideas

Great visual storytelling conveys ideas in story form. Visual stories versus concepts explained with logic and analysis imprint themselves in the brain faster. Stories are also universal crossing boundries of culture, age and gender.

The MSL group here presents a wonderful short visual story on the evolution of storytelling.

Visual Storytelling

"The Story of Storytelling" by MSL London

Let's start with why stories matter.

To understand why storytelling is important to you, your company, your brands or your corporate reputation today, we need to go back a bit. The origin of the importance of stories lies in their power to make sense of the world for ancient man. The most engaging Storytellers attracted the biggest and most attentive audiences. These "prophets" began to assume positions of authority, giving rise to priests, judges and rulers, and -- eventually - the popularity of the BBC, Google and the world's largest repository of personal stories, Facebook.

Neurological research shows that our brains, despite evolution, still look for the story to make sense of information today. In fact, in the landmark Heider & Simmel study, people interpreted a simple animation involving 2 triangles, a circle and a square as a torrid tale of love, promiscuity and domestic violence.

Ideas conveyed in story form especially visual stories, versus concepts explained with logic and analysis, naturally imprint themselves into the brain faster. Stories are also universal, crossing boundaries of culture, language, gender and age. They're told and retold, building and preserving a group's sense of community, establishing emotional connections and creating a shared sense of purpose.

In an age of ever increasing noise, in which we send a billion tweets a week, read around 10 megabytes of material a day, hear 400 meg, and see 1 meg of information every second, attention is worth more than ever before.

And nothing holds attention like a great story.

Storytelling has been a part of MSLGroup's DNA since we launched our global brand back in 2010. But a lot has happened in the intervening years. Our increasingly sophisticated approach to corporate and brand storytelling has taken us in new and exciting directions. So back in March we saw an opportunity to take everything that we've learnt and experienced and use it to create an overarching approach to Storytelling that is designed to make our clients expert storytellers and make our client teams expert story strategists, developers and editors.

Find our overarching approach to Storytelling here:


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