Great Story Technique Ed Bradley

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Great Story Technique With Ed Bradley

Great story technique is an understatement when watching Ed Bradley’s magnificent ability to capture his audience’s attention. His work seems to centre around several and many skills here.

His playbook of body language is subtle, thorough and extremely well thought out. As one of his ‘under the radar skills’ it has transformational power. For beginner, intermediate and experienced storytellers this story method is foundational. Head over to 1.18 of this video and watch how effortlessly powerful this skill is when used well.

Great Story Technique

Ed Bradley’s voice wraps his every word in a magical deliverability. His subtle questions are like a steel fist inside a velvet glove. Hearing what’s really being said is one of his unique abilities. Its as if he has a yellow brick road of conversation already laid out in front of him even before he begins.

Your Own Great Story Technique

As one of the truly great interviewers Ed Bradley is high on the list of must-watch people. By using his body and posture masterfully, he is adept at moving his emotion to capture attention. he. Make this a weekly video watch and aim to emulate this true experty. His craft is unmatched and all levels of storyteller can benefit from his approach. Building your own great story technique using his expertise and you just can’t go wrong.

Great Story Technique with Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley's Great Story Technique.


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