Born Curious – Peter Guber Storytelling

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Peter Guber Interview

Peter Guber tells the story of his life. From the creative department in Columbia Pictures(1968) to president and head honcho of the studio. Then chairman and CEO of Sony’s Entertainment division. Here Peter Guber speaks about his use of great storytelling.

Using story in all areas of his life to influence and inspire has made him a multimillionaire. However he has failed

Curious Peter Guber

Now a hollywood mogul he says “I was born curious.”  His life was a series of ups and down including some cataclysmic failures. He says he learned more from the downs than the ups. Taking a key role in movie making he was involved in Taxi Drive, Close Encounters and Shampoo.

Peter Guber Polygram

Founder and CEO of Polygram he went on to sell it after a few years. He started movies like Gorillas in The Mist, Witches of Eastwick, Rainman as well as several flops. However he became more and more successful in the music, sports and media.

Now he teaches in UCLA as a full professor he is in the 3rd act of my life’. He wants the third act of his life to be the best, where it all fits together.

A closer look and we can see a fluent story teller in full flow. Linking pieces together with ease and finess 7 minutes pass in no time.

And excellent interview with Andrew Keen.

Keen On... Peter Guber: The Story of His Life

Andrew Keen interviews Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.


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