Storybranding with Jim Signorelli

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Different from storytelling, storybranding applies story principles to branding. Stories to strengthen customer relationships are magical. Here Signorelli compares stories from different brands to emphasise his principles. He outlines that there is list of essentials when adding story to brand. Reflecting authentic value through story is the famous story of NIKE.

Storybranding Essentials

He talks about authentic and motivating stories to accompany brands. Finding and uncovering your story is his expertise. Your story deserves to be told – to your most likely customers to build preference to your brand over others. Jim Signorelli believes there is no more powerful way to add value to your brand.

Storybranding Workshops

Signorelli’s workshops are famous for his wit and wisdom and are solid gold for leaders, salespeople and brands. His 6C’s of branding are foundational and add considerable story structure to the process. They clarify any brands’ story. Those 6C’s are:

  • Collecting The Backstory
  • Characterise The Brand
  • Characterise The Prospect
  • Connect The Characters
  • Confront The Obstacles
  • Complete The Story Brief



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