The Great Storytelling Matrix

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The Great Storytelling Matrix

3 Storytelling Axes that help improve the skill of storytelling. Structures that fit a storytelling matrix help improve the ability to tell stories on the fly. Crafting seemingly effortless stories as and when needed are often rehearsed with the structure in mind.

The Storytelling Matrix Made Clear

With this form, the storytelling mind can compose interactive stories with complex information and content. The customization of your story can then deliver the information with ease and great effectiveness. Its all about practice of the storyteller giving fundamental shape and form to the narrative. Activity, complexity and personality form the structure.

This is a story worldwide presentation and is filled with great information to practice and apply.

Storytelling for Brands - Our Storytelling Matrix

At Story Worldwide, we believe that every brand has a story to tell — and those who tell it best win. We deliver strategic insight and creative for a large number of the world's most popular brands, all based around storytelling as the most engaging way to interact with any audience.

One of the tools we use when creating branded storytelling is the storytelling matrix — a framework that allows you to fully understand and orchestrate your brand narrative. Its three axes (Activity, Complexity, and Personality) are used to plot in the executions necessary to maximize meaningful interaction with a given group.

The film explains the model in two and a half minute and uses a series of Story-produced designs to explain each axis:

The X axis is about activity, and illustrates how linear or interactive a particular story is. This ranges from printed magazines and cinematic experiences all the way to full-blown video games — where the user controls each and every aspect of the story.

The Y axis is about complexity, and illustrates just how much information is loaded into the story. Is it a scholarly approach to the subject matter, or is it pure entertainment?

The Z axis is about personality: is it a mass produced, universal story, or is it tailored and customized to each individual?

It's a fact: different audiences enjoy different types of stories at different points in time. At Story, we use this model to spin original, focused brand storytelling for specific audiences.

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