Great Storytelling Made Simple

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Great Storytelling Made Simple

Storytelling Made Simple is a short 3 minute clip gives great tips on to tell a story. Nicely put together and with some very useful ideas and concepts. An easy to follow presentation that illustrates the basics. Worth a watch. Also click through the 2 following links to gather some complimentary material to this video from another author.

  1. What Storytelling Is And Is Not.
  2. The Secret To Great Storytelling
  3. 11 Laws of Great Storytelling


How To Tell A Story: Quick-Learn Storytelling Techniques! How to Tell a Story: one of the most searched for terms in communications and public speaking. National storyteller and coach of storytelling techniques, Sean Buvala, takes you on a quick journey into storytelling tips and learning! Use his method to learn a new story.

1. Decide on the story you want to tell.
2. Hand write an outline of the story, episode by episode.
3. Using your own words and the outline you made in #2, write out the complete story by hand or create a storyboard as shown in the video.
4. Use the tool you made in #3 to practice your story aloud and by yourself.
5. Cut out parts of the story that slow the story down.
6. Repeat the story with the new parts and pieces. Don't memorize. See the action in your head.
7. Tell your story to a trusted friend or associate. Ask for *genuine* advice.
8. Add more emotion to your story.
9. Tell your story to an audience. Be confident!

You've just learned your brand-new story. Congrats! Awesome!

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