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Why We Tell Stories

We started to tell stories at a very young age. Its one of the first things we were wired to do. Tall tales, porky pies, exciting stories and everything imaginable inbetween. And as we grow up that ability is still firmly entrenched in our psyche. Its just that some people tell stories more than others.

Here we hear the unique concepts of touring poet, published author, and co-director of Project V.O.I.C.E. Phil Kaye. His work can be found regularly in CHAOS Magazine. He has appeared on NPR, performed at Lincoln Center.

Most recently coached and performed on the 2011 Providence National Poetry Team. He ranked third in the nation.

Why We Tell Stories

Tell stories! What a great use of great storytelling on stage. Phil Kaye does a great job laying bare the experiences of his childhood that shape him today. Delightfully frank and honest he sets the scene wonderfully and leads down the path of wonder.


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